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Monday, January 02, 2017

Definitions for yeasayer

  1. a person with an optimistic and confident outlook.
  2. a person who habitually agrees with or is submissive to others.

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Citations for yeasayer
But sorrow never lasts to the end of a Beethoven composition. He was the defier of fate, the great yea-sayer, and presently the music was like the wind running over a meadow of flowers, superlative happiness infinitely multiplied. Upton Sinclair, The Return of Lanny Budd, 1953
To be a yea-sayer is both the noblest dream and the subtlest temptation of the satirist. Melvin Maddocks, "An Acid Romance by an Aging 'Angry,'" Life, March 14, 1969
Origin of yeasayer
Yeasayer entered English in the 1910s. It is an alteration of naysayer, a term with an opposite meaning, which predates yeasayer by about 200 years. Yea has been used in English since before 900 and means “yes.”