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Friday, January 06, 2017

Definitions for etiolate

  1. to cause to become weakened or sickly; drain of color or vigor.
  2. to cause (a plant) to whiten or grow pale by excluding light: to etiolate celery.
  3. (of plants) to whiten or grow pale through lack of light.

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Citations for etiolate
Man and boy, Theseus seeks self-knowledge and comes to understand how moira can both amplify and etiolate a life. Mary Renault, The King Must Die, 1958
... she went on in her dogtrot way, taking care of her looks, remembering how drink hardens the skin and how drugs etiolate it. Jean Stafford, "The End of a Career," The New Yorker, January 21, 1956
Origin of etiolate
Etiolate comes from the French verb étioler “to make pale, etiolate (plants),” probably derivative of a Norman French dialect form of standard French éteule, from Old French estoble, estuble “stubble,” from Latin stipula “stalk, straw.” The word entered English in the 18th century.