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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Definitions for fallal

  1. a bit of finery; a showy article of dress.

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Citations for fallal
Some fallal or other. Choker with the cameo brooch? In the end she chose an amber pendant with a fly caught inside. Jamie O'Neill, At Swim, Two Boys, 2001
Put yer best clo'es on, and yer feather in yer 'at, and off you goes to meet en, fal lal, and me at 'ome slaving for ye. 'Tis a Fancy Lady you'll be wantin' to be, my gal, a walkin' Touch and Go with yer idelness and finery ... H. G. Wells, The Wonderful Visit, 1895
Origin of fallal
The origin of fallal is unclear. It may be an alteration of furbelow “a ruffle or flounce; a piece of showy trimming.” Furbelow is a variant of falbala and of other related words in Provençal and some Italian dialects. All three words (fallal, furbelow, falbala) entered English very close together at the beginning of the 18th century.