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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Definitions for flackery

  1. publicity and promotion; press-agentry.

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Citations for flackery
For the past 30 years, Stanley Kubrick has been the movies' most artful spin doctor--pointedly shunning traditional Hollywood flackery, but always taking care that the whole world is clued in to his "legendary" integrity and perfectionism. John Powers, "Moscow Should Believe in Tears," New York, January 24, 1994
Another alternative to flackery and flummery is to seek out men and women from universities and think tanks who actually know something about tough subjects like welfare and health care and are not totally incapacitated by jargon. Walter Goodman, "Please Don't Book These Guests," New York Times, August 13, 1996
Origin of flackery
Flackery comes from flack, a word said to be derived from the name of a famous movie publicity agent, Gene Flack. Flack has been used in English since the 1930s.