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Friday, January 13, 2017

Definitions for crambo

  1. inferior rhyme.
  2. a game in which one person or side must find a rhyme to a word or a line of verse given by another.

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Citations for crambo
"Then your worship understands crambo?" said the squire. "Better than you imagine, answered the knight, as you will see when you carry from me a letter to my mistress Dulcinea del Toboso, written in verse from top to bottom ... Miguel de Cervantes (1547–1616), The Adventures of Don Quixote, translated by Tobias Smollett, 1755
The portraits on the sordid walls were very like the crambo in the minds of ordinary men--very like the motley pictures of the FAMOUS hung up in your parlour, O my Public! Edward Bulwer-Lytton, My Novel; or, Varieties in English Life, 1853
Origin of crambo
Crambo, earlier crambe, comes from the Latin phrase crambē repetīta “cabbage reheated, re-served,” a phrase in Juvenal’s “Seventh Satire” (“Reheated cabbage kills teachers”) referring to unimaginative writing. The Latin crambē is a borrowing from Greek krámbē, a kind of cabbage. Crambo, the rhyming game, entered English in the mid-17th century; crambe, inferior rhyme, in the early 17th.