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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Definitions for laterigrade

  1. having a sideways manner of moving, as a crab.

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Citations for laterigrade
Not with the blunt and clumsy directness here set forth, but with concealed approach, with laterigrade advance and retrogression, and with antennal deftness as of an emmet feeling its way in the midst of supposed enemies. Henry Christopher McCook, The Latimers: A Tale of the Western Insurrection of 1794, 1897
We shall now pass to spiders, sedentary, like the preceding, but which can walk sideways, backwards, and forwards; in a word, all directions. This is the section of Laterigrade Spiders. Georges Baron Cuvier, The Animal Kingdom, Volume 13, translated by Edward Griffith with Edward Pidgeon, 1833
Origin of laterigrade
Laterigrade derives from later-, the inflectional stem of the Latin noun latus “side,” and the Latin noun and combining form gradus “a step, pace,” a derivative of the verb gradī “to walk, step.” The word is rare, used to describe the locomotion of spiders and crabs. It entered English in the 18th century.