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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Definitions for katzenjammer

  1. uneasiness; anguish; distress.
  2. the discomfort and illness experienced as the aftereffects of excessive drinking; hangover.
  3. uproar; clamor: His speech produced a public katzenjammer.

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Citations for katzenjammer
The long summer spells of quiet are very good for me and at times I have been in a most excellent state of spontaneity, but nothing has survived the subsequent katzenjammer. , Wallace Stevens to Harriet Monroe, August 24, 1922, Letters of Wallace Stevens, 1966
When a reporter really loves the craft, takes it seriously as I did, his life goes by the extremes of exaltation and depression. ... Life becomes a series of mental intoxications, for which one pays by mental katzenjammer. , "The Confessions of 'a Literary Journalist'," The Bookman, Volume XXVI, December 1907
Origin of katzenjammer
Katzenjammer is a borrowing from German, in which the obvious, literal sense of the word (“wailing of cats”) does not apply and instead has the meaning “hangover.” The word entered English in the mid-19th century. The additional senses of katzenjammer date from the late 19th century.