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Monday, January 23, 2017

Definitions for froideur

  1. French. an attitude of haughty aloofness; cold superiority.

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Citations for froideur
... how can I express the cruelty of the atmosphere, the impertinent froideur of the air, which bit at any exposed parts of our bodies in a manner reminiscent of the Empress's loathsome puppy. John Boyne, The House of Special Purpose, 2009
He doesn't understand the froideur of the new young agents and studio executives--the men with Ivy League degrees and thick, lustrous hair who flinch when he tries to paw them. Zoë Heller, Everything You Know, 1999
Origin of froideur
Froideur means “coldness” in French and is formed from the adjective froid “cold” (from the Latin adjective frigidus). The French suffix -eur (from the Latin suffix -or) is also used in English loanwords from French, e.g., entrepreneur, voyeur. The word entered English in the 18th century.