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Monday, January 30, 2017

Definitions for equivoque

  1. an equivocal term; an ambiguous expression.
  2. a play on words; pun.
  3. double meaning; ambiguity.

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Citations for equivoque
The [French] language, too, suggests shades and "nuances" of colouring, that exist not in other tongues--you can give to your canvas the precise tint you wish, for when mystery would prove a merit, the equivoque is there ready to your hand, that means so much, yet asserts so little. Charles Lever, Arthur O'Leary: His wanderings and ponderings in many lands, 1845
Upon this point, however, an air of uncertainty is thrown by means of an equivoque, maintained throughout the paper, in respect to Mr. Miller's middle name. Edgar Allan Poe, "A Chapter on Autography," Graham's Magazine, 1841
Origin of equivoque
Equivoque entered English in the late 1300s, and was originally spelled equivoc. It derives from the Late Latin term aequivocus meaning "ambiguous."