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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Definitions for kanone

  1. a person who is an expert skier.

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Citations for kanone
So I was understandably a little nervous last spring in Telluride when I had the chance to meet Norman Vaughan, a man who has been, for many years, top kanone in my ski pantheon. Peter Shelton, "Norman, Kanon: In 1936 Vaughan wrote Ski Fever. In 1995 he still burns with passion." Ski, December 1995
... you'll have ski lessons so thorough, they'll swear you're a kanone by tour's end. , "The après-skier's guide to the Alps," Skiing, November 1968
Origin of kanone
Kanone came to English from the German word literally meaning "cannon," which comes from Italian cannone. This, in turn, derives from Italian canna "tube."