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Monday, February 06, 2017

Definitions for paralogize

  1. to draw conclusions that do not follow logically from a given set of assumptions.

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Citations for paralogize
"A brick," he retorted, "is a parallelogram; I am not a parallelogram, and therefore not a brick ..." "Charley Lightheart, you paralogize." Stewart Edward White and Samuel Hopkins Adams, The Mystery, 1907
Whether, moreover, in seeking to find an analogy between the laws of nature, and municipal laws, he does not paralogize, may perhaps be questioned. Abraham Coles, Abraham Coles: Biographical Sketch, Memorial Tributes, Selections from His Works (Some Hitherto Unpublished), 1892
Origin of paralogize
Paralogize entered English from Medieval Latin paralogizāre, from Greek paralogízesthai meaning “to reason falsely.” It's been used in English since the late 1500s.