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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Definitions for calliopean

  1. piercingly loud; resembling a calliope in sound: a calliopean voice.

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Citations for calliopean
Presently we heard the engines give a calliopean wheeze, and the boat started to move. W. Stanley Moss, Ill Met By Moonlight, 1950
Contrary to popular opinion, Leonard Cohen's lyrics, arguably the best in rock & roll, are easily decipherable through the calliopean claustrophobia of Phil Spector's sometimes-padded wall of sound. Paul Nelson, “Leonard Cohen: Death Of A Ladies Man,” Rolling Stone, February 9, 1978
Origin of calliopean
Calliopean entered English in the mid-1800s. In Greek Kalliópē means ”the beautiful voiced” and is the name of the Muse of eloquence, epic poetry, or even of all poetry. Joshua C. Stoddard patented his raucous ”Steam Calliope,” a musical instrument that uses compressed steam to produce sound, in the U.S. in 1855, which sealed the fate of the Muse.
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