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Friday, March 10, 2017

Definitions for stravage

  1. Scot., Irish, and North England. to wander aimlessly.
  2. to saunter; stroll.

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Citations for stravage
What made ye stravage about the cliffs, castin' sheeps' eyes at some one we know, an' lookin' pitchforks at me an' Long William? Shan F. Bullock, The Charmer: A Seaside Comedy, 1897
Monks should stay in their cells, not stravage about in castles. Anne Fremantle, By Grace of Love, 1957
Origin of stravage
Stravage is formed by aphesis (loss of the first, unaccented syllable) of ex- from the Medieval Latin verb extrāvagārī “to wander out of bounds.” The Latin verb vagārī, vagāre “to ramble, wander” derives from the adjective vagus “strolling, unsettled.” The participial stem of the verb, vagrant-, is the source of English vagrant. Stravage entered English in the 18th century.