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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Definitions for vaunting

  1. having a boastfully proud disposition: a vaunting dictator.
  2. marked by boastful pride: a vaunting air of superiority.

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Citations for vaunting
The time is coming when all men will see that the gift of God to the soul is not a vaunting, overpowering, excluding sanctity, but a sweet, natural goodness, a goodness like thine and mine ... Ralph Waldo Emerson, "An Address Delivered Before the Senior Class in Divinity College, 1838," Nature; Addresses, and Lectures, 1849
Kilgore is a vaunting, strutting caricature of military prowess, yet when we watch him in action, riding in with him as the copters pulverize a village, we may experience for the first time the insane electric fantasy of power that draws some men into war. David Denby, "Hollow Movie," New York, August 27, 1979
Origin of vaunting
Vaunting entered English in the late 1500s. It comes from Middle English vaunten, from Middle French vanter “to boast,” from Late Latin vānitāre. Vaunting shares its roots with Latin vānus “vain.”