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Monday, March 20, 2017

Definitions for anthophilous

  1. attracted by or living among flowers.
  2. feeding on flowers, as certain insects. Also, anthophagous.

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Citations for anthophilous
For you: anthophilous, lover of flowers, / green roses, chrysanthemums, lilies; retrophilia / philocaly, philomath, sarcophilous--all this love, / of the past, of beautify, of knowledge, of flesh ... Reginald Dwayne Betts, "For you: anthophilous, lover of flowers," Poetry, September 2011
... we are probably justified in concentrating our attention on adaptation to the needs and preferences of flower-visiting (anthophilous) animals that may be effective pollinators. Herbert G. Baker and Irene Baker, "Studies of Nectar-Constitution and Pollinator-Plant Coevolution," Coevolution of Animals and Plants, 1975
Origin of anthophilous
The first half of anthophilous comes from the Greek noun ánthos “flower,” which is related to Sanskrit ándha- “the soma plant” (still unidentified). The element -phil comes from Greek phílos “friend, friendly, dear.” It also means “one’s own, own” and for that reason may be a loan word into Greek from Lydian (an Anatolian language spoken in the ancient kingdom of Lydia, in modern western Turkey, whose last king was Croesus) bilis “his.” The Greek and Lydian words come from the Proto-Indo-European root bhilo-, bhili- “harmonious, suitable, friendly.” Anthophilous entered English in the 19th century.
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