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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Definitions for nescience

  1. lack of knowledge; ignorance.
  2. agnosticism.

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Citations for nescience
"It seems to me," cried the other, "that I must repeatedly raise my voice in opposition to a proposal that is redolent of most unprofessional malice or else nescience ..." Anthony Burgess, Napoleon Symphony, 1974
... quiz shows merely expose our appalling national nescience. David L. Delman, "To the Radio Editor," New York Times, July 18, 1948
Origin of nescience
Nescience comes from Late Latin nescientia “ignorance, unawareness,” which is probably a neologism coined by the Christian monk, philosopher, and theologian Claudianus Mamertus, who died about 432. Nescientia derives from nescient-, the stem of nesciēns, present participle of nescīre “to be ignorant, not to know.” The “positive” verb scīre “to know” is the source of English “science.” Nescience entered English in the 17th century.