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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Definitions for fanfaronade

  1. bragging; bravado; bluster.

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Citations for fanfaronade
"... I'll keep it so well that it will arrive at its destination, I swear to you, and woe to him who tries to take it from me!" M. de Treville smiled at this fanfaronade ... Alexandre Dumas (1802–1870), The Three Musketeers, translated by Richard Pevear, 2006
"I mean, that sometimes you baffle me by the fanfaronade behind your foolish words." Raphael Sabatini, The Black Swan, 1932
Origin of fanfaronade
There is an unclear connection between fanfaronade and fanfare, both of which came into English from French fanfaronnade (a derivative of fanfaron “braggart”) and fanfare “flourish of trumpets” (some authorities say that French fanfare is of imitative origin). French fanfaronnade came from Spanish fanfarronada “bluster, bluff,” and French fanfaron from Spanish fanfarrón “braggart.” If French fanfare is not of imitative origin, then it could well come from Spanish fanfarria “fanfare, arrogance.” The three Spanish words are of obscure origin; they may come from Arabic farfār “talkative, loquacious.” Fanfaronade entered English in the 17th century.