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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Definitions for rampike

  1. Chiefly Canadian. a dead tree, especially the bleached skeleton or splintered trunk of a tree killed by fire, lightning, or wind.

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Citations for rampike
Along the crest of the ridge, among the rampikes, silhouetted dark and large against the sunrise, moved a great herd of caribou, feeding as they went. Charles G. D. Roberts, "The Vagrants of the Barren," The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, May to October 1908
For miles and miles, we see nothing against the clear blue sky but the spiry tops of evergreens; or perhaps a gigantic skeleton, 'a rampike,' pine or hemlock, scathed and spectral, stretches its gaunt outline above its fellows. Frederic S. Cozzens, "A Month with the Blue Noses," The Knickerbocker; or, New-York Monthly Magazine, Volume XLIX, 1857
Origin of rampike
Rampike entered English in the late 1500s. Its origin is uncertain.