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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Definitions for rebarbative

  1. causing annoyance, irritation, or aversion; repellent.

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Citations for rebarbative
All too many judges feel that the majesty of the law needs to be protected with the barbed wire of rebarbative prose, prickly with forbidding jargon and headache-inducing abstraction. Jeet Heer, "Antonin Scalia Is the Supreme Court's Greatest Writer," The New Republic, June 26, 2015
There was nothing to stop him from finding somewhere else, but the idea was rebarbative, and in truth another place would pose the same problems. Anita Brookner, Strangers, 2009
Origin of rebarbative
Rebarbative is a Middle French adjective equivalent to “in your face!” The French adjective is a derivative of the verb rébarber “to stand up against, confront, go ‘beard to beard,’” so to speak, and is a derivative of barbe “beard.” Rebarbative entered English in the 19th century.
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