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Friday, April 14, 2017

Definitions for compathy

  1. feelings, as happiness or grief, shared with another or others.

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Citations for compathy
Morse invented the concept 'compathy' to explain a portion of data from a qualitative study she was undertaking. It refers to the phenomenon whereby a person feels another's pain. In other words, one person's pain triggers a pain response in an observer. Hugh McKenna, Nursing Theories and Models, 1997
Whereas empathy refers to the projection of oneself into the personality of another in order to achieve better understanding, and sympathy describes and affinity of feelings between people, compathy refers to feeling with another person. Peter Smagorinsky and Joel Taxel, The Discourse of Character Education: Culture Wars in the Classroom, 2005
Origin of compathy
Compathy differs from sympathy in that compathy strictly refers to one’s feelings (happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow), whereas sympathy can also refer to political opinions, intellectual ideas, and even physiological relations. Compathy entered English in the 20th century.