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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Definitions for latitudinarian

  1. allowing or characterized by latitude in opinion or conduct, especially in religious views.
  2. a person who is latitudinarian in opinion or conduct.
  3. Anglican Church. one of the churchmen in the 17th century who maintained the wisdom of the episcopal form of government and ritual but denied its divine origin and authority.

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Citations for latitudinarian
It was a Theism broad and simple enough to include everything and signify nothing. Why, then, should Gokal, who was notoriously latitudinarian, take on quite so grave an air? Leo Hamilton Myers, The Root and the Flower, 1935
But, in America, our morals were, and long have been, separated into three great and very distinct classes; viz. New England, or puritan-morals; middle colonies, or liberal morals; and southern colonies, or latitudinarian morals. James Fenimore Cooper, Satanstoe, 1845
Origin of latitudinarian
Latitudinarian, derived from Latin latitūdō “breadth, latitude,” reached its peak of usage in the mid-19th century. It was associated with the controversies of the so-called “Broad Church” of the Church of England, in opposition to the High Church (Anglo-Catholicism, the Oxford movement) and the Low Church (evangelical). In modern usage latitudinarian has been replaced by liberal. Latitudinarian entered English in the 17th century.