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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Definitions for lacuna

  1. a gap or missing part, as in a manuscript, series, or logical argument; hiatus.
  2. Anatomy. one of the numerous minute cavities in the substance of bone, supposed to contain nucleate cells.
  3. Botany. an air space in the cellular tissue of plants.

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Citations for lacuna
This book was written with the aim of filling what appeared to me to be nothing less than an astonishing lacuna in Heidegger scholarship. Bret W. Davis, Heidegger and the Will: On the Way to Gelassenheit, 2007
Jahan waited for a thunder that didn't come. It was in that lacuna, as he was expecting something to happen, that an idea rushed through his head. Elif Shafak, The Architect's Apprentice, 2014
Origin of lacuna
In Latin lacūna means “ditch, pit, gap, deficiency, hole, hole where water collects.” The modern French lagune “lagoon,” Italian laguna “lagoon,” and Spanish laguna “lagoon, gap” are obvious developments from lacūna. Lacūna in turn is a derivative of lacus “basin, tub, cistern, pond, lake,” the source (through Old French) of the English lake. Latin lacus is also related to Scots Gaelic and Irish loch. Lacuna entered English in the 17th century.