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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Definitions for Pollyanna

  1. (often lowercase). unreasonably or illogically optimistic: some pollyanna notions about world peace. Also, Pollyannaish.
  2. an excessively or blindly optimistic person.

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Citations for Pollyanna
His is not the Pollyanna attitude of the unthinking, but rather a courageous belief that men can face reality and rise from and through it to an abiding faith in the rightness of things. , "Goethe: Editorial Comment," The Rotarian, March 1932
You can dismiss this as Pollyanna-ish--or, alternatively, as what you would say if you were worth forty-five billion dollars. But it's part of what makes Buffett likable: his quintessentially American conviction that there's no problem we can't solve. James Surowiecki, "Warren's Way," The New Yorker, December 10, 2012
Origin of Pollyanna
The terms Pollyanna and Pollyannaish come from the name of the child heroine created by the American writer Eleanor Porter (1868-1920).