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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Definitions for rosarian

  1. a person who is fond of, develops, or cultivates roses.

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Citations for rosarian
When Stephen Scanniello, the rosarian at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, was asked for his picks for top roses on the market this spring, he picked the Marco Polo and several others: Regatta, a pink apricot with a strong aroma; Compassion, a climbing rose, and Curly Pink, a classic from 1948. , "A Rose Is Made," New York Times, April 23, 1995
A true rosarian is not afraid of a few scrapes. I sense a true rosarian in you. Ksenia Anske, Rosehead, 2014
Origin of rosarian
Rosarian comes via Old French from Latin rosa. Further etymology is obscure. Latin rosa suggests an indirect connection with Greek rhódon “rose.” The Aeolic Greek poet Sappho (c620 b.c.-c.565b.c.) uses the form wródon, which suggests a borrowing from an unattested Old Iranian noun wṛda- or urda- “flower.” Old Persian is the source of Armenian vard “rose,” Aramaic wardā, and Hebrew wéreḏ. Rosarian entered English in the 19th century.