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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Definitions for moggy

  1. British Informal. a cat.

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Citations for moggy
It was possible that Goldilocks was on a road trip somewhere, but no cat owner ever leaves a moggy with no one to feed it. Jasper Fforde, The Fourth Bear, 2006
What's a moggy? I say, astonished. Moggy is cat. How can you possibly not know what moggy means? Heather McGowan, Duchess of Nothing, 2006
Origin of moggy
Moggy (also moggie) is used in Scottish and English dialects in senses that are colloquial or rare or obsolete, e.g., "a young girl or young woman"; "a scarecrow"; "a calf or cow." Perhaps its only common use is as a term for an ordinary house cat. Moggy may possibly be a derivative of Mog, a nickname for Margaret. Moggy in its sense "girl, young woman" entered English in the 17th century; in its sense "calf or cow," in the 19th century; in its sense "scarecrow," in the late 19th century; and in its sense "house cat," in the early 20th century.