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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Definitions for memoriter

  1. by heart; by memory.
  2. involving or requiring memorization: the memoriter aspects of a college course.

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Citations for memoriter
... Miss Rolleston found, one day, a paper on her table, containing advice as to the treatment of disordered lungs, expressed with apparent coldness, and backed by a string of medical authorities quoted memoriter. Charles Reade and Dion Boucicault, Foul Play, 1869
But Johnson cried, "No, no!" repeated the whole sonnet instantly, memoriter, and shewed it us in Newton's book. Dr. John Sharpe, "Letter, March 1, 1765," The London Magazine, January 1785
Origin of memoriter
Memoriter is as rare in English as it is in Latin. In Latin memoriter is an adverb meaning “from memory, by personal recollection” and derives from the adjective memor “mindful, remembering” (also the source of the Latin noun memoria “memory”). All of the Latin words are (partially) reduplicated derivatives of the root mer- (and its variants) “to remember, care for.” This same reduplicated root is the source of Mímir (also Mim) “(the) Rememberer,” in Norse mythology a giant who guarded the well of knowledge and wisdom. The simple, unreduplicated root is the source of English “mourn” (from Old English murnan “to be anxious about, care for”). Memoriter entered English in the 17th century.