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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Definitions for hedonism

  1. devotion to pleasure as a way of life: The later Roman emperors were notorious for their hedonism.
  2. the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the highest good.

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Citations for hedonism
In everyday language, the term "hedonism" denotes an amoral tendency to a life of sensuality if not of outright vice. Milan Kundera, Slowness, translated by Linda Asher, 1996
Not surprisingly, his many children loathed their father's miserly ways and spent their adulthoods compensating with unbridled hedonism, which aged them prematurely and generated crushing debt. J. Robert Lennon, "Wake," Pieces for the Left Hand, 2005
Origin of hedonism
Hedonism is a modern word derived from Greek hēdonḗ “pleasure, enjoyment.” The Greek noun derives from the Greek root hēd- (and hād- and hwād- in dialects). The Greek roots reflect the Proto-Indo-European root swād- “sweet, pleasant,” represented in Latin by suāvis “sweet” and suādēre “to persuade,” and in Germanic by Old English swēte (modern English sweet), Old High German swuozi (modern German süss). Hedonism entered English in the 19th century.
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