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Friday, June 09, 2017

Definitions for bellyache

  1. Informal. to complain; grumble.
  2. Informal. a pain in the abdomen or bowels.

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Citations for bellyache
People thought the railroad owed them romantic favors, and then they bellyached if a train was slow. Jonathan Franzen, The Corrections, 2001
I wouldn't have come to this place, but they bellyached and bellyached till they got me here. Bobbie Ann Mason, "Spence + Lila," 1988
Origin of bellyache
Bellyache, the noun meaning “pain in the bowels, stomachache” has been in English since the mid-16th century. Its extended, metaphorical sense “to complain; grumble” is an Americanism dating to the late 19th century.