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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Definitions for humblebrag

  1. a statement intended as a boast or brag but disguised by a humble apology, complaint, etc.
  2. to make such a disguised boast or brag: He's humblebragging about how tired he is from his world travels.

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Citations for humblebrag
The humblebrag—e.g. I'm exhausted from Memorial Day weekend; it’s soooo hard to get out of Nantucket—sits at the center of these competing needs. It is a boast in sheepish clothing, kvelling dressed in kvetch. And, like nearly all forms of multi-tasking, the drive to satisfy two goals at once typically results in double-failure. Derek Thompson, "How to Brag," The Atlantic, May 26, 2015
Alison had heard the story many times before, and recognized by now that it took the form of a classic humblebrag: the underlying message being that the four of them may have been ditzy and naive but at the same time, they had been serious players, with the resources of a powerful record company behind them. Jonathan Coe, Number 11, 2015
Origin of humblebrag
Humblebrag was first recorded between 2005 and 2010. It’s a portmanteau combining the terms humble and brag.