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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Definitions for trothplight

  1. engagement to be married; betrothal.
  2. to betroth.
  3. betrothed.

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Citations for trothplight
... so bold was the Captain of these banditti, that he not only came ashore, and gave dancing parties in the village of Stromness, but, before his real character was discovered, engaged the affections and received the troth-plight of a young lady, possessed of some property. Sir Walter Scott, "The Pirate," The London Review, January, 1822
In Sweden, children born to their parents after betrothal or trothplight were considered legitimate and able to inherit even if their parents never completed the marriage process with a wedding or solemnization. Mia Korpiola, "Marriage in Sweden 1400–1700: Formalism, Collectivism, and Control," Marriage in Europe, 2016
Origin of trothplight
Trothplight comes from Middle English trouth plight meaning “having plighted troth” or “having pledged one’s faithfulness to another in engagement to marry.” It entered English in the 1300s.