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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Definitions for whizzo

  1. British Slang. absolutely first-rate; superb; excellent.
  2. British Slang. (used as an exclamation of approval, wonder, or pleasure.)

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Citations for whizzo
I don't even use a mobile phone. But Skype is, apparently, pretty whizzo and shrinks time and space and facilitates the kind of nourishing, touchy-feely stuff that keeps the modern, global family together. Ian Whitwham, "How I learned to love Skype," The Guardian, October 19, 2013
You're going to make a whizzo organist, Feely! Alan Bradley, Speaking from Among the Bones, 2013
Origin of whizzo
Like many slang terms, the source or sources of whizzo are hard to trace precisely. The final -o is the common suffix used to form colloquial nouns and adjectives. The whizz part of whizzo may derive from whiz, a noun meaning “a person expert in a particular activity,” from the verb whiz “to make or move with a humming or rushing sound.” Just as plausibly, whizzo may be an alteration and shortening of the colloquial British usage of wizard “excellent,” used as an adjective and exclamation. Whizzo entered English in the early 20th century.