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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Definitions for apple-polish

  1. Informal. to curry favor with someone, especially in an obsequious or flattering manner.
  2. Informal. to curry favor with (someone).

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Citations for apple-polish
The man could apple-polish his way out of Folsom Prison. Gwynne Forster, When Twilight Comes, 2002
Benazir was less naughty, often siding with the nanny and abiding by her strict codes, soon becoming her favourite in the house. Her siblings, meanwhile, were less inclined to 'apple-polish' as the boys would say ... Fatima Bhutto, Songs of Blood and Sword, 2010
Origin of apple-polish
Apple-polish is an American colloquialism that prompts images of Hal Roach’s Our Gang (also The Little Rascals) comedies produced between 1922 and 1944, especially of the lovely Miss Crabtree. However, the agent noun apple-polisher appeared in print in 1918, before the Hal Roach series began. The verb apple-polish entered English in the late 1920s.