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Friday, July 07, 2017

Definitions for phenology

  1. the science dealing with the influence of climate on the recurrence of such annual phenomena of animal and plant life as budding and bird migrations.

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Citations for phenology
... he had arranged to have six sycamores, identical to those at observatories in Britain and on the continent, planted on the grounds so that the effects of climate on vegetation might be compared all over Europe. This study was called phenology ... Jane Urquhart, The Night Stages, 2015
The Meteorological Office has little time for plants, preferring the objectivity of thermometers, barometers and satellite images. But whatever the meteorologists think of phenology, there are some things that plants can do that they can't. Stephanie Pain, "Flowers that bloom in the winter," New Scientist, March 11, 1989
Origin of phenology
Phenology entered English in the 1880s as a contracted variant of phenomenology, with restriction to climatic phenomena.
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