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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Definitions for alveolate

  1. having alveoli; deeply pitted, as a honeycomb.

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Citations for alveolate
Receptacle alveolate or honeycombed, edge of the cells membranous, with fine bristle-like teeth, gradually higher as the depth of the cells diminishes towards the centre. , The Botanical Register: Consisting of Coloured Figures of Exotic Plants, Cultivated in British Gardens; with Their History and Mode of Treatment, Volume II, 1816
Dorothea's house, bought with a small legacy when she was thirty-one, was made of an alveolate gray stone ... Joyce Carol Oates writing as Rosamond Smith, Soul/Mate, 1989
Origin of alveolate
Alveolate is a derivative of the Latin noun alveus “hollow, cavity,” and by extension “hull or hold of a ship, bathtub.” Alveus comes from alwo-, a variant, metathesized form of the Proto-Indo-European root aulo- “cavity,” from which Greek derives the noun aulós “tube, flute.” Alveolate entered English in the late 18th century.