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Friday, July 21, 2017

Definitions for al desko

  1. Facetious. (of meals or eating) at one's desk in an office: always snacking al desko; having an al desko lunch.

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Citations for al desko
They'll be working through until it's done, so Janice has gone to KFC for a bargain bucket. They're dining al desko. Christopher Fowler, The Water Room, 2004
Other reasons people dine ''al desko'' vary .... They need to high-tail it out of the office at 5 p.m. sharp to pick up the kids. They want to save money, or they are just too stressed to leave. Abby Ellin, "When the Food Critics Are Deskside," New York Times, February 18, 2007
Origin of al desko
Al desko is patterned after al fresco and was first recorded in the 1980s.