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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Definitions for consuetude

  1. custom, especially as having legal force.

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Citations for consuetude
They must stand idly by, and in silence watch their ancient consuetude be tossed summarily into the limbo of forgotten things. Richard C. Baker, "The Supreme Court and the Freedom of Religion Mélange," American Bar Association Journal, May 1963
"Yet bethink thee, reverend father," said Mont-Fitchet, "the stain hath become engrained by time and consuetude; let thy reformation be cautious, as it is just and wise." Sir Walter Scott, Ivanhoe: A Romance, 1819
Origin of consuetude
Consuetude comes from Old French consuetude, in Old French a learned borrowing or Latinism from Latin consuētūdō “custom, usage, habit; idiom or usage (in language); customary right or usage in law (its usual modern sense); companionship, familiarity, social intercourse, sexual intercourse, illicit love affair.” Consuetude entered English in the 14th century.