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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Definitions for arvo

  1. Australian Slang. afternoon.

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Citations for arvo
A quick feed stop and we should be there by the arvo. Tara June Winch, Swallow the Air, 2006
When we ask directions to the servo, set meetings in the arvo, order a sanga, require the services of a sparkie and talk about the war on bikies ... we're not being cute. We're simply not a nation of long syllabled-words. Bronwen Clune, "What Brits should know about Australian tourists," The Guardian, January 7, 2014
Origin of arvo
Arvo is an Australian shortening of afternoon. Because of the Australian accent, the -f- in afternoon sounds like more like a v, which is how this term gets its spelling. It entered English in the 1930s.