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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Definitions for theine

  1. caffeine, especially in tea.

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Citations for theine
What we were drinking, so dark and aromatic, was a mixture of his: leaves of the Li-Cungo, those tiny ones that give an intense color and contain a high percentage of theine, mixed with some quality Niassa, very light and fragrant. Antonio Tabucchi, "Theatre," Letter from Casablanca, translated by Janice M. Thresher, 1986
... learn how to steep correctly; never boil tea; use a china or earthenware teapot; throw away the leaves after steeping, and never steep over eight minutes; after that time the theine or stimulating quality disappears and tannin predominates. , Letter to the Editor: "Green Teas and Black Teas," New York Times, August 13, 1908
Origin of theine
Theine comes from New Latin the(a) “tea” and -ine, a noun suffix used particularly in chemical terms (bromine; chlorine), and especially in names of basic substances (amine; caffeine). It entered English in the 1830s.
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