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Monday, August 21, 2017

Definitions for banausic

  1. serving utilitarian purposes only; mechanical; practical: architecture that was more banausic than inspired.

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Citations for banausic
He was too worldly-wise--what we used to call 'banausic'--too bent on getting on. John Buchan, "'Tendebant Manus': Sir Arthur Warcliff's Story,"The Runagates Club, 1928
Athenians called work of this sort 'banausic' or 'mechanical,' a word suggestive of servility and stultification. "We call those arts mechanical which tend to deform the body," wrote Aristotle, "and likewise all paid employments, for they absorb and degrade the mind." Edward Skidelsky, "Are people frightened of leisure time?" The Guardian, September 10, 2013
Origin of banausic
Less than 40 percent of ancient Greek vocabulary has a recognizable Indo-European etymology; 8 percent of ancient Greek vocabulary is definitely of non-Greek origin; and the remaining 52 percent of ancient Greek vocabulary has no known etymology. Among the unknowns is the Greek noun baûnos “furnace” and its derivative noun bánausos a kind of craftsman or artisan or mechanic and the adjective banausikós “pertaining to artisans.” Banausic entered English in the 19th century.