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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Definitions for funster

  1. a person who creates or seeks fun, as a comedian or reveler.

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Citations for funster
Capello is not a funster. The former Italian winger Roberto Donadoni once remarked: "I think he would have made a good prison guard." Tim Adams, "The many faces of Fabio Capello," New Statesman, June 7, 2010
There was a word which appeared for a moment above the verbal horizon, was hailed by knowing ones as a valuable and almost indispensable invention, and then sank out of sight again forever. This was "funster." William S. Walsh, "Books and Literature," The Illustrated American, November 15, 1890
Origin of funster
The origin of the English suffix -ster, as in funster, is the Old English suffix -estre, which was used to form feminine agent nouns corresponding to masculine agent nouns in -ere, e.g., bæcere “baker” and bæcestre “female baker” (the source of the family name Baxter). Even in Old English the suffix -estre was used to form masculine agent nouns; thus we have today the doublets weaver (with the masculine suffix) and, with the originally feminine suffix, the archaic agent noun webster (source of the family name Webster). By the late 16th century, the suffix -ster acquired a humorous or disparaging sense, as in rhymester (along with the neutral youngster). Punster dates from the end of the 17th century and may have been the model for funster. The suffix nowadays is mostly humorous or disparaging as in gangster (late 19th century), the model for bankster, which also dates from the late 19th century. Funster entered English in the late 18th century.