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Monday, August 28, 2017

Definitions for ruth

  1. pity or compassion.
  2. sorrow or grief.
  3. self-reproach; contrition; remorse.

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Citations for ruth
So, then, you would all be on the side of mad Achilles, who knows neither right nor ruth? Homer (9th or 8th century b.c.), Iliad, translated by Samuel Butler, 1898
The emus stood and looked at me, orange eyes full or ruth and meaning. Adrienne Miller, The Coast of Akron, 2005
Origin of ruth
The noun ruth “pity” is to the verb rue “to feel sorrow over” as growth from grow or as death from die. The element -th forms action nouns from verbs (as growth from grow or as death from die) and nouns of quality or condition from adjectives (as length from long or as breadth from broad). The verb rue ultimately derives from the Old English verb hrēowan “to repent of, rue.” Ruth is first recorded in English during the 12th century.