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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Definitions for oceanicity

  1. the degree to which the climate of a place is influenced by the sea.

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Citations for oceanicity
“Three cold, miserable countries,” said Louis when he heard the title of this paper as it was delivered in a preliminary version, and indeed what characterises them are their high northern latitudes ... and their extreme oceanicity, which modifies the cold with rain-laden winds from a relatively warm sea. T. C. Smout, "Energy Rich, Energy Poor: Scotland, Ireland and Iceland, 1600–1800," Exploring Environmental History: Selected Essays, 2009
... the heavier rainfall and generally greater oceanicity of this region may more than cancel out its greater warmth, compared with the southeast. Derek Ratcliffe, The Peregrine Falcon, 1980
Origin of oceanicity
Oceanicity was first recorded in the 1930s. The -ity suffix is used to form abstract nouns expressing state or condition and ultimately derives from Latin.