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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Definitions for aggiornamento

  1. the act of bringing something up to date to meet current needs.

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Citations for aggiornamento
It was as if the great cathedral had been opened up to an aggiornamento. A wind of modernisation was blowing hard through the portals of San Marco. It would become a gale. Adrian d'Hagé, The Omega Scroll, 2005
Finally there comes the placental outpouring at the end ... which is an aggiornamento of style into contemporary slang. Richard Ellman, Ulysses on the Liffey, 1972
Origin of aggiornamento
Aggiornamento has been in Italian since the late 17th century; it is a borrowing from French ajorner “to postpone to a later date, adjourn.” “Adjournment” is one of the meanings of aggiornamento; the other sense is “bringing up to date, modernization,” familiar in English because of the almost exclusive association of aggiornamento with Pope John XXIII’s (pope from 1958-63) use of the word, in a speech in 1959, referring to the updating the Code of Canon Law, and in 1961 to the Second Vatican Council.