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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Definitions for cucurbit

  1. any plant of the gourd family.
  2. a gourd.
  3. Chemistry. the gourd-shaped portion of an alembic, a vessel formerly used in distilling.

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Citations for cucurbit
The Seminole pumpkin is not merely prolific; the fruit of this cucurbit also has distinctive forms, flavors, and textures. David Cavagnaro, "Seminole Pumpkin," Renewing America's Food Traditions: Saving and Savoring the Continent's Most Endangered Foods, edited by Gary Paul Nabhan, 2008
And certainly there are few blossoms more colorful and rich than those borne by practically all the cucurbits. Grace Tabor, "The Twofold Garden," Woman's Home Companion, January 1921
Origin of cucurbit
Cucurbit in the sense "gourd" is a modern development of Old French cucurbite, from Latin cucurbita “gourd, cupping glass.” In medieval Latin cucurbita also meant, because of its shape, “a flask or vessel used in distillation.” Cucurbit entered English in the 14th century.