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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Definitions for collogue

  1. Dialect. to confer secretly.
  2. Dialect. to plot mischief; conspire.

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Citations for collogue
"Why," he replied, "ever since I came here, you have done nothing but collogue--collogue--an' whisper, an' lay your heads together, an' divil a syllable can I hear that hasn't murdher at the front an' rear of it ..." William Carleton, The Black Prophet: A Tale of Irish Famine, 1847
What! shall we not collogue together, and warm the cockles of our ancient kindness?--shall we not collogue, I say? Sir Walter Scott, Kenilworth, 1821
Origin of collogue
The etymology of collogue is obscure. The sense of the English verb may somehow have developed from the French noun colloque “conference, seminar,” from Latin colloquium “conversation, conference.” The sense “to confer secretly” may derive from the uncommon verb colleague “to enter an alliance, ally” from Old French colliquer, from Latin colligāre “to tie together.” Collogue entered English in the 16th century.