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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Definitions for astrobleme

  1. Geology. an erosional scar on the earth's surface, produced by the impact of a cosmic body, as a meteorite or asteroid.

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Citations for astrobleme
Only one astrobleme in Europe fit the description, a crater called the Ries that lay some 300 kilometers to the east, on the northern shore of the Danube River. Julian May, The Golden Torc, 1982
Love that word--astrobleme. Means 'star wound,' you know? Howard V. Hendrix, Spears of God, 2006
Origin of astrobleme
Astrobleme is formed from two Greek words, ástron “star” and blêma “a throw of the dice, missile, wound.” Greek ástron is akin to Latin stella (from an unrecorded sterula), and Germanic (English) star. Blêma derives from the Greek root bal-, blē-, bol- “to throw,” source of ballistic, problem (Greek próblēma “something put forward (to solve)”), parabola and parable (Greek parabolḗ “comparison, juxtaposition, something put alongside for comparison”). Astrobleme entered English in the 20th century.