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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Definitions for pestiferous

  1. bringing or bearing disease.
  2. pestilential.
  3. pernicious; evil.

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Citations for pestiferous
So when in that Stinksmeech Mission he breathed pestiferous air and drank pestiferous water, he was finished up. They've got typhus down there ... Charlotte Mary Yonge, The Long Vacation, 1895
I have already told you that what I want to speak about is the great discovery I have made lately--the discovery that all the sources of our moral life are poisoned and that the whole fabric of our civic community is founded on the pestiferous soil of falsehood. Henrik Ibsen (1828–1906), An Enemy of the People, translated by R. Farquharson Sharp, 1911
Origin of pestiferous
late Middle English
Pest nowadays usually refers to a smaller sibling who won’t leave you in peace. In Latin, however, pestis, a noun of uncertain origin, means an infectious deadly disease and, by extension, ruin, destruction, death. The Latin combining form -ferus (-ferous in English) is a derivation of the verb ferre “to carry, bear.” The Latin root fer- derives from the very widespread Proto-Indo-European root bher- “to carry, bear” and appears in Greek phérein “to carry,” Sanskrit bhárati “he carries,” and Slavic (Czech) beru “I take.” Pestiferous entered English in the 15th century.