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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Definitions for coleopteron

  1. a coleopterous insect; a beetle.

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Citations for coleopteron
His bag consisted of two cryptophagi and a coleopteron ... Vere Monro, A Summer Ramble in Syria, Volume II, 1835
I discovered a Coleopteron the other day that smelt so very strong of musk that I could hardly come near the box that it was in. , "Gilbert White to Joseph Banks, Esq., April 21, 1768," Nature Notes, Volume 19, 1908
Origin of coleopteron
The Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 b.c.) coined the adjective koleópteros “sheath-winged” (describing beetles) in his Historia Animalium. Koleópteros is a compound adjective formed from the noun koleós “sheath” and -pteros, a derivative of pterón “wing.” The Proto-Indo-European root kel-, kol- “to hide, conceal” underlies Greek koleós, English hell (from Germanic haljō, literally “the hidden place”), and Latin cēlāre “to hide.” The Proto-Indo-European root pet-, pot-, pt- “to fly rush” is the ultimate source of Greek pterón, Latin penna “feather” (from unattested petna), source of English pen, and Germanic (English) feather (from Germanic fethrō). Coleoptera entered English in the 18th century.