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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Definitions for guisard

  1. a person who wears a mask; mummer.

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Citations for guisard
"I'm gaun to turn mysel' intil a guisard." He picked up the thing he had been carrying and revealed it as a cloak of deerskins which fitted like a loose jerkin. Over his head he drew a cap of skin with slits for his eyes, a roughly shaped nozzle like a deer's, and on the top the horns of a goat. John Buchan, Witch Wood, 1927
The guisard performances are not extinct, but they have fallen so far into decay, comparatively, that we look upon them with a sort of fond regret, murmuring, "Pars magna fui," or, "In them we acted great parts." , "Yule and Hogmanay," Hogg's Weekly Instructor, Volume VI, September 1847 to February 1848
Origin of guisard
Guisard is a Scottish and North English word. The first part of the word, guise, in Scotland and northern England means "to appear or go in disguise." The suffix -ard, occasionally spelled -art, is now used mostly in a pejorative sense for someone who does something habitually or excessively, e.g., drunkard, braggart. Guisard entered English in the 17th century.
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