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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Definitions for razzle-dazzle

  1. Informal. showiness, brilliance, or virtuosity in technique or effect, often without concomitant substance or worth; flashy theatricality: The razzle-dazzle of the essay's metaphors cannot disguise its shallowness of thought.
  2. Informal. Chiefly Football. deceptive action typically consisting of a series of complex maneuvers, as a double reverse or hand-off, usually executed in a flashy manner: a team relying more on power and speed than razzle-dazzle.
  3. Informal. confusion, commotion, or riotous gaiety.

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Citations for razzle-dazzle
I was not surprised, when I put bow to strings, that all that came off my violin was technical razzle-dazzle. Yael Goldstein, Overture, 2007
They were spared the noise and litter of summer people, the garish glow of neon signs, the spending of tourist money and tourist razzle-dazzle. John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent, 1961
Origin of razzle-dazzle
Razzle-dazzle is an American slang rhyming compound based on the word dazzle. It was first recorded in the 1890s.